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Musique !
15th-Aug-2007 01:55 pm - Bienvenue !

Welcome to everyone !

This is a community dedicated to French music. Its aim is to discover and share musique !

You can post here albums or songs from French, Belgian or French Canadian artists, sung in French or in other languages.

If you go to concerts, you can also post pictures and reviews.

If you're a big fan of a singer or a group, you can post a bio that you would have written, to share your interest with other members.

Any  kinds of music are welcome.


A few rules : 

Leave comments ! To say what you think about this song or that album, to say that you're downloading a file, etc... We don't want lurkers here ! We don't care if you cannot upload music often (or at all), but you'll be banned if you're never commenting. Not joking.

Posting format : there isn't really a posting format, but we don't want the community to look like a mess either. So when you're posting an album, try to include as many informations as possible, such as the title of the album, the releasing date, the type of file, the number of tracks and tracklisting, the genre.... the aim of the community is to make people discover to new artists they don't know, so they need a bit of infos.

The title of the post should be explicit. It may inlude the name of the artist(s) for example. Or at least one or two if your post is about several artists.

You can make requests only if you have something else to share. Otherwise your post's going to be deleted. It's about sharing, not lurking. 

Use lj-cuts when posting a lot of stuff or pictures.

Use tags. You should tag your entry with the name of the artist(s).

Try to leave a link to the artists' websites or myspace when you can. It makes it easier for people to learn out more.

Please avoid to re-post here someone else's links without authorization !

Remember to be nice to each other.

Check out the F.A.Q. if you have any questions.

If you want to affiliate, leave a comment below.


Last but not least

To read the entries and to be able to post, you'll need to join !
Membership is open to everyone, posting is moderated for the moment.

Any questions or enquiries ? Leave a comment below or mail me : noeud-pap[at]hotmail[dot]fr

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